Thursday, January 13, 2011


You know, it’s not fair when you’ve had the taste of a “white Christmas” and don’t get one!  We’ve been waiting since Christmas and here it is the 8th and snow is in the forecast so strongly that we would be utterly cheated to not get some.  So we wait…

It gets very windy and dark, the grey clouds hang low in the sky, but no snow.  Close to the time Erin and Collin are to go to prepare for Science Olympiad, yes on a Sunday….it starts to spritz.IMG_6777By the time we have to get them and take them to Youth Group it has begun to snow/ sleet.  Here we go!


Yes the Christmas lights are up and on.  We should all keep them up during the dark months of January and February just to cheer things up.  Don’t you think???!!!!

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