Tuesday, July 19, 2011

7/16 It’s blue

The boys picked some blue paint for their room, it’s blue.  This was taken Sunday morning before church.  All 4 were playing Mario Cart on the DSI’s.  fun


7/15 sick goat

I found a lump on Sasha last night and upon taking her to the vet, he drained it, washed it and gave her antibiotics.  He said it as CL and that it was contagious and would not heal.  So we put her and her kids back with the chickens.  I don’t think the chickens minded until the “kids” started climbing on the nesting boxes and dumping the water dishes.  then we locked the dividing door.  IMG_8941

IMG_8954 IMG_8948IMG_8958

7/13 Something different

Erin spent the night with some friends and they camped out in grandmother’s backyard.  They used our tent and before it was put away for good, the boys asked if they could sleep out.  Hans went to work putting the tent up and we got a good amount down on our own.  They slept out under the full moon.  Abby actually stayed outside with them and in the morning the cats visited them!  blue moon IMG_8911 IMG_8937IMG_8938

Monday, July 18, 2011

7/12 The drought so far

I must confess, it is August as I write this, but in early July I wanted to document how dry KS was without rain of any significance since last fall.   Now in early August, the rain has begun in small bits and pieces, but nothing significant.  We are still thankful for the moisture.

IMG_8888 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8859 IMG_8874 The river is so shallow the swim are right by the surface.IMG_8877

Sunday, July 17, 2011

7/11 A trip to the lake

We are off to Kannopolis lake today for some boating and tubing, our first time since the “incident” last fall.  The Elsners joined us and it was an enjoyable day.  It was HoT again!  100+F and we blew a tire on the way there.  Jim Scobee saw us broke down and laughed because a buddy of his had just said, it’s a good day for the lake and Jim had said it’s a good day to blow trailer tires, which I guess are susceptible to hot weather.  After a quick fix, we were on our way!IMG_9166hans collin tubehans collin tube2IMG_9167IMG_9184IMG_9183IMG_9185IMG_9178
 chris ski         IMG_9198
Erin and Chris tried the skiis.  Try as we did, the younger boys and I had a terrible time letting go of fear.  Hans and Alan had more fun playing/ swimming in the lake rather than tubing.  Collin and I passed on the skiing too.   I know Chris wanted us to, but I just could not get into it.  Maybe next time….

Baseball Party 7/8/11

The Royers hosted an after season baseball party for the boys and their families.  I did not take a lot of shots, but I did get some of Alan and his friend Kendrick in the pool.  Big fun! 
2011-07-10_17-46-50_105 2011-07-10_17-32-54_152 2011-07-10_17-46-29_834
After this we went and signed Hans up for 5-6th grade football!  Not a bad day! It was stinking hot, 108F, we melted watching the boys in the pool!

July 7th The Long Awaited Airsoft Party

Hans has been wanting to have friends over for another air soft party.  Today is the day!  It was so stinking HoT as July seems to be.  We started at 9 as it was to be 102F today.  We hosed the boys down as need be to keep playing! 
IMG_8782 IMG_8701 IMG_8702 IMG_8703 IMG_8705 IMG_8708 IMG_8717 IMG_8723 IMG_8738 IMG_8739

July 4th

Independence Day 2011

Our celebration started July 3rd in the evening as Hans invited Grandma and Grandpa Anderson over to shoot off fireworks with us.

IMG_8384IMG_8372Then we headed back to the “shop” to set up the bigger fireworks.  It was a *&^blast**&^. IMG_8386 Early the next morning the boys headed to town with Billy who was giving horse cart rides at the Sterling Old Fashion Fourth of July.  IMG_8432IMG_8431Alan enjoyed the inflatables!IMG_8437 IMG_8439More photos from the parade and fireworks to follow!   

Parade and Fireworks photos