Friday, July 08, 2016

Black lives matter Period, Exclamation point.
I can say this without implying that other lives don't matter.  To pretend we don't have something going on in America right now, is to be blind.  Blue lives matter.  So I have a foster son who is black and a nephew who is blue.  I love and cherish them both and distain the person to kill them.  I am a white woman, however, I vow to both cherish life and cherish diversity.  I have a Mexican daughter that I LOVE, and African American son that I LOVE and an Italian daughter that I LOVE, South African friends that I LOVE.  But this angst hurts my heart! Don't look at me as a white woman who does not care!  I care!! Don't judge me by my skin or my gender~  How can people be so shallow as to see skin deep?  There is such richness in knowing people different than yourself.  Whether city to rural or culture to culture or race to race.  It pains me greatly to know that African Americans live with anger and fear.  That other races feel demoralized or less than.  If you are living and drawing breathe, you can thank God and God alone who is an amazing and creative God, rich in diversity and creativity. You matter!  Why just love your own daisy, love the hibiscus or the exotic plants or the dessert plants which all show such beauty, but differently. 
Show me eyes that are deep and connect.  Help me Lord, connect with eyes that are shallow and have not been seen. Oh God search me and see if there is any offensive way in me and show me the way to LOVE! For if You made them, they are worthy of dying for!