Thursday, January 13, 2011


Saturday was one of those days!  We had some errands, Collin and Erin were at the school early getting ready for Science Olympiad and the boys and I hung out at home.  Of course the guys were out deer hunting early and came home only for lunch before heading back out.  Mike must have contemplating using his bow because he got it and his target out for some shooting. IMG_6749                                              Alan jumped all over this and was outside for hours shooting their bow after they left for the afternoon hunt.     IMG_6754IMG_6762 Alan also hoped to go with them later in the afternoon, however, that got canceled when Mike got deer #2 early in the afternoon! 

Hunters, we have way to many does around here, make your plans to come hunting in KS next year!  They are tasty too!

Chelsy, our college student came over that afternoon.  We hung out, ate steak for dinner (deer and beef), playing ping pong and Wii. Look closely, Erin is biting the strap of Mike’s controller trying to make him miss.  It was “intense”!


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