Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminising...Photo number 1 is taken in 2003 when we bred Abby and Remington. It was one of the photos we took to help sell the puppies. Having Mike and Staci with us made me nostalgic. I decided to take a more up to date photo of the 2, they never really did like each other. We had doggie treats for the first photo...

this is how close they would get without treats... separate sides of the yard, just like an old married couple sleepin in separate beds!

At least they don't fight like they used too!
One more before I close, a very protective Abby watches over the pups. She was such a good mommy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hans helps me prepare pies for Thanksgiving. We decided to try our hand at homemade crust and had lots of fun with that. Thank you Staci for telling me your recipe! Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad A's. Chris, Bill. Mom & Paula are in charge of carving the birds! Dad and I were in charge of supervising and pouring drinks!

Grandma's apple and my pumpkin were Collin and Erin's choices... hmmmm!
So many things to be thankful for this year, but I'll recap that later in our Christmas letter. I am thankful for dear family to share the Holidays with.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More from our visit with Mike and Staci, here we are lovin on Remmy who came to go hunting with the guys. This was a special surprise for Brody who has been missin his doggie. Actually, I'm sure it was sweet for all of them! Barrett loves the piano!

Collin shot his first duck, although the dogs were not able to find it. He is holding this on e in it's stead.

More wrestling... I love the reflection in this one!

Oy, my couch!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell how many boys are on Mike here?

Fun times!
Mike and Staci and the boys arrived Saturday evening and there was quite a bit of excitement! They came the weekend before Thanksgiving for some good hunting before the big T-day! Here we are getting everyone settled into their beds! There was a little wrestling involved.
Sunday after church before hunting the nerf guns came out for a friendly game of shoot em up!

and of course fun on the trampoline!
Monday the kids went to school and the guys went...hunnting! They brought home some honkers!

Staci and I went to the Lyons Rec to work out where she used to work and she was very hard on my muscles!!! I got her back the next day doing my Billy Banks Bootcamp advanced...we were both a little sore. Me more than her, I'm sure!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hunting. The long awaited pheasant/ quail season opened up this fall (along with water fowl). Bill, Chris and Collin geared up early and headed out for some geese. Unfortunately not far from them were hunters that were sky blasting the geese (ie. not letting them land before shooting). Frustruated with that they headed out for some pheansant/ quail. They were not going to be long, so Hans, Alan and I tagged along. We took the rear behind each hunter to stay out of the way! This picture says so much for Collin's first hunt.

The grass in the fields gets really thick. Alan and Hans are taggin along behind, butyou can't really see them...Earlier Alan and I went scouting for geese, we "shot" many more than the other guys did! There were just a few in this field and they let us get pretty close before they took off!

Candas and Snow geese