Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hybernation Day 1/10/11

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Ok, a snow day has arrived!  Three to five inches for our area, nothing big, kids go to school.  What do we do???????
Chris helps me enter 12 (maybe 9) months of the household check book into the farm program on his computer for the accountant appt on Wednesday.  Halleluiah, he helped me get it done in 1 day!  Praise the Lord, we got to sit by the windows and watch the snow (he even let me take a few photos).  but UGHHHH, why do I not do this 15 minutes throughout the year!!????????????????
IMG_3801   IMG_3774
The goats would  absolutely not come outside while it was snowing or even afterwards.  We saw no hoof prints in the snow.  Alan had to coax them out with alfalfa. IMG_3816
It was a dry sticky snow.  Don’t you love the face on our bird feeder.  I did clean this off so they could eat, but not before a photo!IMG_3772

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Sherry said...

Poor goats! I feel bad for mine here with all our snow. They don't know any different though!