Sunday, August 08, 2010


gone huntin Our neighbor was having trouble with pigeons and barn wallows messing up his horse hay, so he asked the boys to shoot the pigeons that were in his barn AND HE PAID THEM!   So here go 2 very happy country boys off to hunt birds with their BB guns.  Inside Collin has some fun making card forts and then of course shooting them!IMG_4469

 IMG_4484 IMG_4495 IMG_4511

Random dog photo???????IMG_4527

Guard goats

So  Erin and I were teasing Pop pop that the goats were tap dancing on his pick up while it was parked at our place.  To our surprise, they were out when we got home from feeding the harvest crew and the goats were out and waiting on the porch for us, right next to Lacey, the guard dog!welcome home IMG_0594


We had a very big rain (8 inches) the weekend before we expected harvest to begin.  Still they managed to get started Wednesday evening.  They always catch me off guard!  Alan always has to get right on the combine with dad. 

IMG_4301 IMG_4321 blocking the road Rural traffic jamIMG_4314 IMG_4318 


IMG_0613 IMG_0612

Chris was interviewed by a reporter from the Sterling Bulletin.  They feature a farmer each year.  It was kind of fun and broke up the monotony of an average harvest day.    It was funny that she was dumbfounded that I took food to them 2x a day….