Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kathy and I have been friends since high school. Often we miss each other when we make our trips back east, but this year we were able to snag some time on a snowy day and let our kids sled together. Zach was awesome to share his sled and even us moms had a turn. Do you see my kids up to no good sending a huge snowball down the hill after us?We quickly went from, "We're going to die" to this is fun!!!! I have told my kids how tall my tall friend Kathy is, now they know!! Many things change over time, but really good friends just don't!!!
More pictures of our time sledding with Kathy and Zach, this hill was not here when I grew up. They added a strip mall and built this rather large hill on the east ? edge of our neighborhood. It made for some fun sledding. What do you do with 1 sled and 6 kids? Have a snowball battle in the midst of it of course!!! Sean did not work until 4 so he got to join in the fun!
Collin and Hans demonstrate that you don't need a sled to slide!!! Brrrrr. It was hot cocoa all around when we got back to Mom mom McCormicks.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom wanted a photo of the original Smithsonian and then we had to go inside!!!
This is a photo of when Mom went as a high school student to the Smithsonian. I think Uncle Bill is in there too.
After that we walked around, tried to go to the Air and Space museum but the line outside was at least a block long...brrrr. That got voted down so we ducked into the Art Gallery and finally enjoyed some neat art work and quiet!!! I of course tried for a group photo outside and Mike tried to get the kids to stand with him, but "it's cold uncle Mike!!!"

So I got this rather nice one of him instead!
Lots of naked sculptures at first. Ann said you'll see are a lot of p_____ in here! Gotta love art.
Next morning we all did some bird watching and relaxing before we packed up to head back to PA only to find out Sean had been sick while we were gone. That flu....

This is a fateful photo. The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Ann's brother Tom the last time we were in Anapolis and again they just surrounded him. He got the infamous KS flu along with Ann and her other brother. We are so sorry!!!
We had 2 side trips planned during out trip to PA: one to Anapolis and then into Washington DC to the Smithsonian for the day. Realizing that a day was not near enough...however there were 3 things we did not count on. 1. Chris got the flu this morning, so he did not get to go with us; it was FREEZING cold and very windy, thousands of other people had the same idea...Here we are just getting started. See the smiles...they fade as the day goes by! Here are kids might be pointing out the differences between a Biblical world view and the Evolutionary world view presented at the Museum...Doesn't Hans looks cute!!!Here things started to fall apart. The boys went with Uncle Mike to see the birds. Erin was peopled Ann and Mom and I were going outside.
The Hope took 15 minutes just for Erin to shimmy though, I just saw the photo.

I don't even know where Alan is...???It was very sad, to be here with so many neat historical things to see and do and not be able to. The lines were horrendous and the kids were cranky! (I had to remember that
they were just getting over the flu and travel. At the time I was just disappointed. They could care less that here we were at the Washington Monument and the Capitol building. It was just too cold. The walk back to the car was miseable. I have NEVER been so cold. We even stopped at a Star Bucks for coffee and cocoa. The drive out of Washington was interesting for me who was very aware of not being in KS anymore!!! Then my mom got sick just moments after being back at Mike and Ann's. That canceled out trip to Doylestown to see my cousins the next day. We were even going to get to sing at my cousin Jim's recording studio, he had a version of Silent Night for us to lay some tracks down too and my Aunt Terry had little beds made up for us. Sigh...oh well, maybe another time!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve sledding...
After a day of resting and shopping :o) We went to Mark and Lu's for some sledding. Now my brother Mark has some serious toys and we are so thankful he likes to share! We were greeted by the smell of baking cookies and 2 snowmobiles, a UTV, 3 sleds and even some snowboards (thanks to Aaron and Lindsey). That turned into some major fun!

Place like home.wmv

Hans grade school photo

More sledding pictures...

When there wasn't a sled available the back of a jacket did OK too!
There were tall snow angels...
and short snow angels
Then Uncle Mark brings fuel for the snowmobiles...It's time to go now dad!Isn't it time to go now dad?????I'm the leader I'll say when it's time to go...Let's go!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I shall finally post some Christmas photos! I only took dozens and dozens...that's the problem. Takes me so long to sort through them that I get bogged down. Our Christmas celebrations began with our Kansas Christmas 12/21 with Mom and Dad A and Bill and Paula (and of course us!) The day itself was busy with church in the morning, our lunch and celebration and then the Christmas program at church that night. This was magnified by leaving for PA the next day!Bill and Paula gave the kids ornaments that are adorable. I did not get that photo taken! Great Grandma and Aunt Sherrill sent books that the children are very excited about. Hans had his 2 read before we made it to PA 2 days later! Last of the Mohicans and Swiss Family Robinson. Thank you!
Chris asked Pop pop to make a Hope Chest for Erin. Chris had some cedar wood (from when he cleared the trees out from the church's old parsonage property) milled and prepped for the project. Dad Anderson out did himself as usual. It is gorgeous and Erin hardly knew what to think! It gave her the giggles to think of filling it with blankets, linens and things!

Alan begged and begged for a Red Rider BB gun and he got it. Pop pop gives him some tips. Each boy got eye wear to go with their guns...we can only hope! They will be supervised!Merry Christmas!