Friday, September 26, 2008

Third Day

This is Friday, my day off and this song keeps going around in my head! We have been so busy the past few weeks and the end of this phase is not until October. I have learned that I am an introverted person that really needs down time, more than just an hour or so at the end of a day. Lately, it feels like things are very out of control... so help me God! Please!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slow Fade repost: the other site dropped us!

Kick off Return

Twelve years ago...we started a journey... parenthood!
Collin turned 12 on 9/22/08, how does this happen? It just dumbfounds me, how can he be 12 years old, that means 12 years has passed since I first laid eyes on my first born. Enough nostalgia, I'm sure I'll revisit this as we hit the teenage milestones. For now let me recap the birthday weekend highlights!
Saturday: Game day. Collin's football team played Anthony in Kingman and they won 27-0. Go Bearcubs! Collin was a little down that he did not get any receptions, but his spirit lifted when he realized I got a video clip of him returning the opening kickoff. (You know if it's on film it really happened!). He is thoroughly enjoying this football thing and I am glad we gave it a go!

Collin actually spent some time on the offensive line, this is him going low to try to keep this guy from getting through!
Collin returning the kick off pass.

Sunday: collin had some friends over for a birthday party. I was a bit nervous having a bunch of tweener boys at our house, but they were so good... they went outside and played war. Beforehand he was getting a bunch of toy guns out and I said, "are those guys really going to want to play with a bunch of plastic toy guns...yup!) I had to nag them to come in and eat (well come in anyone, once in they ate plenty!). They had a good time and Collin really enjoyed it.
Then, we went to Bill and Paula's for the family party. The boys & Paula shot their 22's and then we grilled some burgers, opened more presents, had more cake and went home! Alan unfortunately got sick. He complained of a headache when we finally got to sit down to dinner and then complained that it was even worse... then he threw up! Good thing he did not eat dinner!
Monday: Rootbeer floats for the 6th grade class and again I am amazed at just how sweet the kids were. Other than teasing me for being short (as if I've never heard that before!) they were a great group of 11- 12 year olds!
Happy birthday COLLIN!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football 9/13/08
Well, the boys first game was lost 25-0 against Nickerson.
Today they lost again but it was 25-6 against Halstead. They were missing some key players and our coach has no volunteer dads helping so he is trying to run the game on his own. He is doing a great job, but it is clear to me now that is a lot to try to manage! I managed to get a few pictures of Collin's action! He seemed to have an off day so I had put the camera down... right before he manages to get an open field tackle:
One of our players with a decent carry
Collin's game face!

Friday, September 12, 2008

How do busy parents do it??????????

As our children were babies/toddlers/ preschoolers Chris and I made a committment to not get too busy with activities! We were intent on only letting each child chose one thing outside of school and church (AWANA) that they would do. Colling: piano, Erin: gymnastics and Hans: baseball and Alan: still undecided. Little things would be added along the way like a basketball camp here or cheerleading camp there. And then we decided to let Collin join the 5/6th grade football through the Rec Com and Erin is competing with her gymnastics. We'd like to get Hans started on the guitar and Alan maybe piano. OK so now it's Monday: piano, Tuesday: football and gymnastics, Wednesday: AWANA; Thursday: football; Friday: now Erin wants to add sign language lessons; Saturday: gymnastics team practice and football games. YIKES We've done it!!! We can't even find time to go to the State Fair because we are activitied out! This is reminding me of how we swore our kids would not have pacifiers when they were 3 or use bottles until 3 or not be potty trained until 3.

Yet, football has been awesome for Collin and he is so gifted at the piano...
Erin love the gymnastics but the sign language is such a neat thing...
And Hans and Alan should get those opportunities too, right????
If anyone has any answers let me know. Otherwise, I'm just holding on for a wild ride!
One sport/ one musical interest and that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall I keep my humble pie fork for later?

Sterling Bear Cubs taken by Moi!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the hat maker

We had a computer crash last week and I thought I'd lost this. Now it's safe! This is one of our favorite stories read by my hunny!

Monday, September 08, 2008

"I never finish anyth..."

What an awesome testimony. Mark Hall shared his struggles with both dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. (Notice his tshirt?) He is a very talented songwriter and yet he describes frustrating struggles with remembering his own lyrics during concerts and not being able to read the lyrics on the telepromter. In fact these struggles inspired the songs "Voice of Truth" and "East to West". Voice of Truth is not such a stretch. The lyrics describe having the courage like David in the bible story David and Goliath or the courage of Peter to get out of the boat onto the water and follow Jesus. With the band's success, he supposes that most of us think that he is all "fired up" before a concert when he is actually quite fearful wondering where/ when the train wreck will occur. "These are lyrics I've written", he exclaimed!! Truth be told he forgot the lyrics to songs 4 times during our concert and by then end he seemed a bit disturbed by it, but it really only added to the truth of his testimony. On East to West he shares how like, Paul who had a 'thorn in his side' he has asked the Lord to help him and take this all away, but the Lord has allowed it to stay. We do not have to be perfect to earn God's love, but rather we need to see our weaknesses as a time to draw near and cling to him. East to West: "I know you've watched me whine, turned my darkness into light. I need Your truth to get me through, to get me through this time. I can't live by what I feel, but by the truth Your word reveals.

I'm not holding onto you, but you're holding onto me! Jesus you know just how far the east is to the west.... one scarred hand to the other!"

I want to go back....

Monday, September 01, 2008

Casting Crowns voice of truth

Another fabulous concert!

OK, I need to add "going to concerts" to my list of fav things to do! In the past 3 years, 3 of our fav Christian bands have come to KS! In 2007 it was Mercy Me, in 2008 Third Day and now Casting Crowns! All I can say is, if Casting Crowns comes to a town near you... GO! Talk about encouraging and fun!

The lead singer Mark Hall is a youth minister at his home church and an amazing speaker! His talking in between songs was as good as his singing and that's saying something! I'll need to jot those down because it was just so good!

For the record, here's the concert day run down!

We left early so we could get in line (General admission is not my favorite way to see a concert, in fact I may avoid it in the future! I'm too old for that kind of stress!) There were not many people there when we got there and I was expecting front row baby! Then 2-3 teenagers got ahead of us running into the arena and saved the 2nd-5th rows! And I let them, we sat in the 5th. (it is a Christian concert, right? Someone has to do what Jesus would do!) It is hard to be gracious when you are short, I paid the price when a +6 ft young man sat directly in front of me!

Who cares! Row 6 center was still very good and the conert was just so encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course can Chris and I come up with serious photo...? Nah!

Friend Christi from SC and SEBC, she got to endure us alllll afternoon and evening!Lead singer Mark Hall!Megan Garrett piano and background vocals Stage right: Melodee and Juan DevVevo: she plays an amazing fiddle and his guitar is fine!Hector Cervantes plays a wicked guitar! Rocked our faces off a bit... made the teenagers scream too! The drummer Andy Williams played one of the longest drum solo's I've ever heard. This man is amazing! In his office cubicle as they called it! Guitarist Chris Huffman was right where my 6 ft neighbor was so i do not have many photos of him.

Here's one! We had a nightmarish time finding someplace to eat in Dodge City. Restaraunts were less than competent! We finally, after 2 hours of trying ate at Burger King. Sigh, a whopper has never tasted so good! TFL! (thanks for looking!)