Monday, January 03, 2011

Sunday Lunch & a Christmas train

  We are thankful to have continued a relationship with Mike’s mom Nancy as she comes to our church for a visit every so often.  We thoroughly enjoy the times we invite her for lunch afterwards even though I do not do it often enough.  I really appreciate her warmth and wisdom as a Christian woman.    The boys played piano for us as we finished lunch preparations and she even endured having her picture taken with the Nintendo DSi’s and altered. 2011-01-02_13-44-35_292

I even snuck a photo in during dessert.  She made a butterfinger cake for us which was to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What  a sweetheart!  We’ll see what kind of will power I have! 

After getting into a size 5 jeans the other day (first time in 5 years) I have this amazing cake in my fridge!  Oh the irony!!!

I’m not sure why exactly, but Alan HAD to get the Christmas train out this year.  It usually goes up with the downstairs tree, which no one but me wanted to put up (so we did not).  Tonight the train came out.  There were no C batteries in it and I told Alan that they were probably put away last year and forgotten.  Ten minutes later I hear the whistle blowing and found my back porch cupboard open and rooted through. Can you say determination?


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Staci said...

Thank you so much for including Nancy in your family! It means a lot to us!