Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No folks I am not misspelling the Alaskain dog race the Idatrod, I am sharing with you an ingenious way our 5th grad Math teacher had of combining studying teamwork, exercise and math. The result: a 12 mile bike race between 2 KS towns with 4 stops to do 5 math problems. Of course Toto this is KS so there were 35-40 mph sustained winds! The 5th grader was Collin and the parent that just couldn't say NO was me!!!

The challenge: to keep 3 5th graders focused on teamwork and then channel the adrenaline from bike racing 3-4 miles into well, Math....word problems no less, long division and multiplication... in the wind! I of course had the good fortune to be with 3 very competitive boys! We came in 3rd, great job boys!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Third Day - Creed (Live at Papal Visit, NY, 2008)

This is the same band Chris and I went to see in March, only here they are playing for an audience precided over by the Pope.

Happy Birthday Hans!

I have made my last batch of spring Birthday cupcakes! Hans turned 8 this weekend, which is hard to believe! We had his school party on Friday and his friends over on Saturday. Then on Sunday we were all supposed to go to a Skating Party for the church's AWANA program, but Erin came down with strep throat. She was feeling poorly on Saturday so she stayed in our room away from the party, but later Saturday night I looked at her throat and wow! What a swollen mess! So she and I did not go skating, but the boys had fun with dad. They went to the store to buy Hans a bicycle for his birthday and then skating and then pizza! We had some fun when they got home as well.

Alan got a bit of spotlight when he learned how to ride his bike without his training wheels. Thanks Grandma Anderson for the extra encouragement!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Collin's piano recital went very well! He made it through his piece without any errors per se and he was very relieved about that! Mom and Dad Anderson made it out to see and so I just had to snap some pictures and the video is below!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Erin's Floor Routine

Our last gymnastics meet this year ended yesterday in Wamego KS. It was a good day, not as astounding as Great Bend, but the girls did well and even though the competition was a litte stiffer, they placed OK. Erin did more 4th -5th rather than 2nd and 3rd, but we expected that. What is important is: she did well, personally and improved her scores! Plus we all had fun in the process! Good job Erin ! Oh the first pick is just how hard the gymnasts work when they are in heat B! I don't know how they stand the waiting!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Birthdays continue...

Our dear Alan is 6!!! Six years since I have experienced childbirth, what a blessing to have 4 beautiful, healthy children. Alan's birthday celebration last from Sunday with Mom-mom Anderson to Tuesday at school, with friends and with family. Happy Birthday Al!

With teacher Mrs. Maxwell and with his friends at his party!

Playing with magnets from Aunt Paula and Uncle Bill

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Girls Did Great!
The level 3 girls for Beacon Gymnastics were smokin' this Saturday! Several of the girls did better than ever. Our Erin was one of them! She improved her floor and vault significantly and placed 2nd on Floor and 3rd on Vault, i think 4th and 5th on Bars and Beam, still needs some work. Fourth overall, she was soo happy and I was so proud of her! Not giving up after a difficult meet in Salina! Please pray for her as she prepares for her last meet next weekend. it is liable to be a big one with harder competition, so she really needs to be diligent and focused. Anyway, we will enjoy the current success!

2nd place on the floor~~~you go girl!!

The team got 3rd overall!

Please keep Erin in mind as she prepares for her final competition in Wamego next weekend! There will be quite a few more and different teams, we are excited!