Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet 13~

This year in February Erin and Collin announce a Youth Group trip to Colorado over spring break…#1 Erin and Collin have never been skiing #2 They plan to leave on Erin’s 13th Birthday #3 I have not been skiing since PA.  With all this in mind we decide that I would accompany the kids to CO and they would earn some money to help fund the trip.  Collin bowed out, deciding he had other things he wanted to  buy… so here off Erin and I go to the great state of CO for some skiing.  Leaving behind the boys and a very busy Chris because of course the weather was such that he was finally able to get in the field Thursday- Saturday, the same days Erin and I were gone.

The Youth gather at the Wilsons Thursday morning and leave at 9.  Erin rides with the girls in the Wilsons vehicle leaving me with the boys in the Schweizer’s vehicle.  Regardless, we manage to have fun.


and they say Kansas is flat!  We stopped at a park in Sugar City for a quick run and bathroom break.  Funny story to follow!2011-03-17_14-13-55_7402011-03-17_14-13-59_869

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 3/15-3/17

Spring break was interesting this year.  We started with snow, crazy KS! Stuck in the house we had some amazing wrestling matches.  Here is the proof that Erin and Collin actually touch sometimes!


IMG_7572  IMG_7566 IMG_7568

Then when it dried out we finally got down to some of those outside chores like cleaning goat pens and all that yuck!  After that we went to Carey’s Goat Farm and brought home a Billie to breed our does and a new doe to keep Dolly company.  Her name is Sasha and she is already pregnant due in June.

IMG_7592 IMG_7594

After all our hard work, we had to cool off and have some fun with a water balloon fight on the trampoline.  Sadly, this was Erin and Hans versus Alan on the trampoline.  The older sibs claimed to be cold and went inside before Alan got his revenge…dern!IMG_5379 IMG_5382 IMG_5383 IMG_5387

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Salina Gymnastics 3/13/11

Today, Sunday, instead of going to church, Erin and I head out the door to Salina KS to a gymnastics meet.  You don’t know when you sign up what day you get and the last 2 are on Sundays which is kind of yuck!

Erin was not feeling well, so it was a long morning/ afternoon.  She personally did better, but did not rank well at all.  This was discouraging, so again it was a long drive home!  Thankfully we got home before the sleet started and in time to go to Pizza Hut with the Rich’s  after a nap!

The gym was well lit and with my new knowledge of Shutter Speeds I got some nice stops!

IMG_5371 beam warm up IMG_5221IMG_5199  IMG_5223

Erin you have to roll your sleeves down!!!IMG_5303 IMG_5308f

Crazy goat photo shoot

While working on shutter speeds and aperatures I caught the goats being down right goofy.  Actually I looked it up and they were probably in heat which stinks because we just now got the billy goat over to our place.  Anyway, made for fun photography.  

IMG_5114 copy IMG_5127 IMG_5135


How’s that shop coming?

Well, we have concrete, we have the conduit laid for the power, we have lights that have been delivered, but not installed due to concrete not being cured yet.

With a spring weekend in the country, without sidewalks, Alan discovered the perfect use for the shop:  roller skating!

IMG_5070  IMG_5072 IMG_5075 IMG_5080

IMG_5176 After helping Chris dig trench for the conduit, the boys dug some fox holes for AirSoft wars.  Here is Alan playing in one.Oh look it’s the first pregnant cat of the season…


This post is boring…


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/5/11 A little bit of this and that…

I have been taking a photography class called “O Shoot” from Jessica Sprague.  It is an internet based class where she emails us a video link and lesson plan and assignments and we turn them in online for feedback.  This week I was working on Shutter Speed, so I had my camera out a lot (and that is different how?).  I did not get what I wanted today, but I did get lots of other things…IMG_4899

Chris and Alan laying the conduit for the electrical to the shop…



Alan being silly helping or watching dad lay IMG_4904conduit!










Collin has saved his allowance for a new Airsoft Gun that everyone has to try. It’s a sniper rifle, perfect for shooting snipes!

      IMG_4923IMG_4931 IMG_4926IMG_4944 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4952

I’m not sure Erin’s goats truly appre-ciate being ridden but hey!

A New Pass time

Erin too has left her toys behind and is busy doing other things.  Way too often I catch both her and Collin gravitating towards the computer, but she loves music and youtube tutorials on manicures, facials etc.  She learned this neat technique that she shared with Chelsy.



Socks, what are you doing on our bed?  I reached over to get something and she was curled up so tight in the pillows I jumped a foot! I have caught her here 3 times.  She is giving my teddy bear Tim a bath!

We have concrete.  The shop floor now has concrete!


2/28: It has begun…

In KS, when one turns 14 you can begin to drive for the farm. I think there is a specific farm permit you can get that allows you to drive around the farm and then also into school and home.  You probably have to get a farm license for that.  Anyway, until this past 6 months Collin has been too small to even think about it.  Well he has been restless like I can only imagine all teenage boys are… Exasperated I asked his Dad to “do something with him”…so Chris took him for his first driving lesson!  He even had him park right up against the garage door complete with dogs in the way and mom taking pictures.  Sadly Mom is taking a photo class and her camera was on M and I had not changed it…RATS!