Monday, March 29, 2010

This is our yearly pilgramage to a Christian concert with our faithful friend Cristi! Tonight was Winter Jam 2010 about 6 bands supposed to play: Revive, Robert Pierre, Sidewalk Prophets, Tenth Ave North, Newsong, Newsboys and Third Day. There was an ice storm between Louisianna where they'd been and Wichita so they were late and 1 band did not make it at all.Evidently I was laughing too hard to hold the camera still.
Anyhow, we purchased tickets VIP tickets way in advance, however, it was still general admission for the VIP people and there were lots of us! We got on the floor near the "catwalk" sensing that was where the fun would be. However we were far enough back that often this was what I saw! The people in front of me loved taking pictures of themselves and shutting the concert out to the poor short woman behind them! Very precious but annoying!Band 1 Revive: we saw them 2 years ago when they opened for Third Day, they are pretty good and have improved their show performance quite a bit!

Robert Pierre, never heard of him before, but wow! At 17 this kid has lungs and serious vocal chords and made the younger girls SCREAM!!!!!

Fireflight: wow! Made the head banger in me come to life! What a fun band to watch. Dawn is the lead singer and has a powerful voice
The concert was being broadcast on as evidenced by the camera! Newsong: these guys got Chris's attention. He enjoyed their strong vocals and energy. I did too, but I also loved the balloons!

Newsboys! What can I say. Bumped into Michael Tait on the way to our seats. I actually had to excuse myself because he and some acquaintences were blocking the way. As I went past I thought, "Hey that looked like Michael....!"

Turn your eyes upon Jesus! He went up on a lift for Jesus Freak, very cool! Ok here's the fun part of my story. The family in front of us during the first part of the story really frustrated me and i prayed throughout that I would be content. At times I could see nothing except them moving, wiggling, talking, taking photos of themselves and I closed my eyes and prayed, "Help me be content, please God!" Well after the first 5 bands played there was a message and an intermission....THEY LEFT!!!! They totally left and 3 kids under 5' asked if they could have their seasts....I was amazed at God's mercy on me for such a silly silly thing. I wanted to see Third Day unhindered and He granted me that! How sweet, how utterly sillily sweet. What a precious God we have!

10th Avenue North. Very young band, but man, talented and as he gave the summary of salvation through Christ it was very well spoken, very well. I hope to see and hear more from these young men!
Ah, Third Day, my personal fav! I know it seems silly, but these guys have played and sung me through some hard times, happy times and just let it go times. Love them!!!!
And we just had to see the band afterwards too! Erin laughed when she saw this photo, I said, "Look Mac and I have the same hairstyle!" Chris is thankful I do not have the beard!
I wanted to get a Newsboys CD signed afterwards, but there were still 50 some people in line at 10:30 pm...we went home!

Ok time for loud music and craziness all for the love of Christ to warp back into my everyday walking around with Jesus....equally precious...but I am thankful for the times I can let it all go in His name!
Did I post enough Steve? That's what's been goin' on in KS!!! So glad you stop by, it's great to see your comments!
I am almost caught up except for this past weekend!?!?
It's spring and one of our oldest mamma cats had her kittens in the shed. I think she knew there was more winter left so she wanted to be close to the food!One of her kittens from last year sat in with her constantly almost like he was the helper!Awwww! Just a week after their eyes opened she moved them. Now we don't know where they are! Figures!
More Mom Mom time! What to do today?Let's go to the Hutchinson Underground Salt Mine & Museum. Here are mom and the kids waiting for our tour watching Dirty Jobs when Mike Rowe came to this very mine to do some "dirty jobs".Getting ready to load the double decker elevator shaft to descend 650' below in total darkness (boy a cell phone offers a lot of light in utter darkness....when your 7 year old is squeezing your hand very tight!) SaltMany interesting vehicles are used to move the salt around... all things are preserved very well. All but 1 major movie company stores their original footage and some neat costumes down here... excellent environment for preserving things!

We have both hard hats and an oxygen case just in case... Here we go on the "dark ride" on carts through the mines. Kinda cool!
More mom mom time...blowing bubbles!

Lacey loves to chase bubbles! Out to dinner at Jillians Italian restaraunt...tasty!

Out to eat at Bill and Paulas... BBQ Ribs a la Bill...hmmmmm

More March happenings... my mother arrived the Monday of spring break to spend some QT with her grandkids. That could mean only one thing... Axis and Allies with the boys. They love hearing her memories of WWII and her knowledge of history and she lets them guide the game. Hans especially looks forward to this time. Collin too! There was all around silliness March 16th as Erin prepares for her 12th Birthday on St. Patrick's Day! She is decked out in shamrock pj's with all the family St. Patty's bears! And shamrock earrings in her newly pierced ears! This photo just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. How can this be my baby!!Since many friends were away for break, it was a family birthday party. Uncle Bill set the mood arriving in full leprachaun attire. Wow! Everyone had to wear the big hat...
Erin wanted Stromboli for dinner so we made stromboli and she insisted on serving everyone...completely her idea. Very sweet she is!She got some beautiful presents...earrings from Aunt Lugene, thank you! All the locals got their thanks in person!

Aunt Paula got a lap full of nephews delivering packages!
and the birthday girl blew out all the candles!
My mom was posing a photo of my brother the Lepruchaun and I...she told bill to stick out his chest so she could see the shirt, I stuck mine out too, but you can't really tell!