Tuesday, June 01, 2010

7-8th Grade Choir concert

I have posted this for several reasons.  One I love how “into the song” the students got and two, I love watching Mr. Comley direct.  The second has a lot to do with the first.  I do not remember music being this fun in JRH!!!  God Bless our talented teachers!

Goat drama

In the same week that the orphaned kittens were found, Erin’s goat “Dolly” got pneumonia and coccidia.  She was take off her mother and given to us and had a little cold.  Well the stress was too much for her and she wound up in the vet clinic overnight on IV’s.  Cheryl, the woman who sold her to us, was amazingly helpful and let us have the mamma goat until Dolly got back on her feet.  So for a few weeks our backyard looked like this:

All the goats needed to be treated for Coccidea so right off the bat we got experience in givng shots and medicine to the animals. IMG_3260

Not new for Chris who has helped with sheep for years, but new for Erin and I.  Emily did not like taking her medicine and is  hiding!

IMG_3313 IMG_3312

All is well now and Dolly is re-weaned from her mamma.  She did cry like crazy all over again!