Friday, January 21, 2011

1/19/11 and 1/20/11 Ice Ice Baby

IMG_3972A normal Wednesday turns icky in a hurry!  Around noon some nasty freezing rain started and continued through the day and night.  AWANA was cancelled and there was a 2 hour delay for the next day.  Fortunately everyone we knew made it home safely, but I heard there were cars scattered throughout the ditches on the way to Nickerson.    I don’t really love 2 hour delays, the kids get IMG_3971cranky waiting for that fateful time to come.  Poor Collin had an 8 a.m. dentist appt and got home in time to pick up his lunch and get on the school bus.  I’m thankful it was the joke of the morning because he was in a foul mood at first!

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