Monday, July 27, 2009

New toys…

Chris has a new toy/ tool that I am playing with… a new computer.  It has a windows live writer that I am trying out. 

Although since all my photos are on the other computer I”m not sure it’s worth it…

Bill and Paula gave the kids rockets for Christmas and we have been waiting forever it seems to set them off together. Well today was the day! It got breezier than expected, so one challenge was to chase the rockets down after launch. This they did rather creatively!

The rockets were covering a pretty good distance and we were getting tired so...out came the 4 wheeler
No he did not ride with Alan like this, or Lacey for that matter!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where have I been? Where is the summer going? The answer to both is, I have no idea!!! Each day comes and each day goes and I wonder, what happened? Sometimes it is filled with summer fun, friends and water. Other days it is just chores & gardening mixed with laziness. After the busyness of June, July's schedule seems sparse, but the days continue to rocket by. Chris just finished the last flooded field yesterday... that's got to be a wheat harvest record somewhere!

The answer to one of the questions listed above it, the laptop has been down since the 2nd week of summer. With 6 people and one computer, well the blog and my scrapbook board have suffered. Chris has been facebooking in the evening which is very different! That will change as August approaches! It has beena wierd farm year. I have been taking a Jessica Sprague class the last 2 weeks to learn Photoshop and that takes what computer time I get. Plus with the kids up until 9:30-10 each night, I just don't feel like blogging.

This may sound like complaining, I don't mean for it too, it's just the way it is!!! I hope to start posting some stories and pics of what we have been up too. Baseball photos and my photoshop experiments are listed at my Anderson Farms shutterfly site. That's even faster than blogging!
I'll be back...sometime!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Baseball season wraps up! The All Stars were in first place and undefeated when they faced the Medical Center team again, they lost. The next week they lost to the First Bank team. The heat was 100F so they practiced less and it showed with the younger ones who lost their batting ability quickly. Unfortunately the other teams did not seem to suffer so! Our boys came in 2nd which was hard esp for Hans who was really counting on that first. (Alan who saved the day in 2 games actually struck out every time up to bat the last 2 games) Sigh! Got a hitch in his swing I guess. Their coach was wonderful, I really appreciate the time she invested,

the boys had a very enjoyable season and 2nd is just pretty good! Hans as catcher below, Hans on first above!
alan had a couple of misses before he gets a hit to first...but he's out! RATS!Here are the boys after the last game with their 2nd place metals. They are both sporting new hair cuts and some hat head!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Here we are waiting for the parade to start. It is close to Mom and Dad A's house, so we always wander over with them. It was rather HOT at this point in the day!
This is what happens when you sit in Mom's chair...
Later we headed to the Tim and Brandy's for dinner and some fireworks...
Then we headed to the lake for the community firework display, Chris and I had fun with the camera and finally all our children could watch without complaining that it was too loud!