Friday, May 30, 2008

It has begun! Summer is truly upon us, the children are out of school, the heat is on, the air conditioner is on and baseball season has begun! Hans' team or should I say the team that Hans is on (no egocentrism here!) won their first game and it was very exciting. It had rained 2 inches the 2 days before the game and we expected it to be canceled so we took the children to see Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We got the call right before the movie that the game was on. So we watched, we ate and we boogied home for the game. IT WAS FREEZING. Cold (65*, damp from rain, windy, yuck) I started with a cold during the movie (that I thought was an alllergy, evdidently not) I was miserable when we got home. Hans was in 7th heaven. He hit every time we was up to bat and scored 2x for a final score of 12-6! Sigh. It's fun watching him play, he takes it very seriously. Here are some pictures.

Hans scores!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Third Day - Revelation Video

I came across this video online and thought, "Hey that stage looks familiar, sure enough it was from the woman sitting next to us in Salina!" Love this new song! It is not due to be released until 7/29/08

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting buzzed!!!
Man, last week lots of farmers realized that rust had gotten into their wheat and they hired aerial sprayers to spray fungicide on it. 20,000 acres was how many one place said they had to do that day. We had several fields that needed help, so of course I put my camera to work. These guys are amazing, flying so close to our houses and out buildings, man, and loud!!!

Summer is fast approaching! Are you ready? Get your seatbelt on because it is always a wild ride around here! Things change in a moment! Last week we were wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts, today it is near 90*. (Gorgeous, but hot). One moment the kids and I are heading to the park, the next we are driving down brick and dirt roads to get Chris from the field. (then we all went to the park). Last week we were planning on a trip to VA this summer to visit family at a resort in July. This week we realize the we be still harvesting wheat by then, most likely. It reminds me that my life in many ways is not my own. How quickly things can change. We never expect accidents, tragedies, disasters, but why is it the little things that can make us batty (or make me batty) on a regular basis?

My life is not my own...

This realization can be both troubling or comforting. We never realllly know do we, what's coming next. The Bible even tells us it is vanity to plan ahead for only God knows what is around the next turn. Peter makes an amazing proclaimation acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah, a revelation from the Spirit of God and so soon after that he denies even knowing Jesus things because he was so scared. How heartbreaking.

I could be mad or irritated at the inconveniences, the disappointments, the uncertainties or I can increase my faith. My prayer is for contentment this summer. It gets busy and I get lonely and feel isolated the busier Chris gets. I can be irritable or make the most of these times with my children and be thankful for a faithful husband who cares so much and a God who has blessed his work to provide for us.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frog legs for Mother's Day:
For Mother's Day the children, Chris and Dad A took Carol and I out to lunch. I was hungry for Chinese, so we did a buffet at Mongolian Grill. Three of my childre...THREE... ate frog legs! I could hardly stand to see them next to the Beef and Broccoli on the buffet and then I get back and there they are eatin' em! I think their father put them up to it! Him and grandpa! "Tastes like chicken, Mom have some!"
No a stinking chance! These children turn their noses up at most everything... and I am doing my best this week to make all of their least favorites, just because.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Here is a left over photo from the kindergarten tea, i just love that smile Alan has! Glad he still likes to snuggle with mom even in class! Today we had some time to play on the swings. Alan and Erin had fun doubling on a swing. Hans enjoyed getting to swing alone. Collin was off somewhere playing with Lacey!

More Spring Programs!
This year our children's K-4 program had a sports theme! No couch potatoes allowed!!! Alan's class took soccer, Hans' baseball and Erin's sang the Couch potatoe song and played the recorder. She got to wear her gymnastics leotard and do a little thing, but I did not see her to catch it. RATS. Cute program...

Each year before mother's day the kindergarten class has a little tea for the mothers! They recite a little A-Z Poem for Moms here's Alan's contribution...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SLC's: Scary Looking Clouds

Here in tornado alley we have our fair share of SLC's, we happened to be privy to some amazing "Shelf clouds" last night. Only 45 minutes away from us the storm produced 70 mph winds, we were blessed to have just a serious thunderstorm and 1.65 inches of rain. But the cloud show ahead of time was something else again!
We'll start with the southern end, then due west and then northern edge. I need to try to stitch these...

Yikes here's the last shot before going inside only 5-8 minutes after the above photos were taken

Lightening shot taken from a video clip

The Mom Song Sung to William Tell Overture with Lyrics

This is so doggone funny, so many of my favorites are in here! Enjoy, it's a little old so if you've seen it already enjoy it again anyway. I laugh every time.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fifth Grade Choral Concert
It's spring program time. Last week we went to Collin's concert which was very enjoyable. The 6th graders were there as well and did some band pieces, which we can look forward to next year. I am quite impressed with the songs that Mr. Comley did with them. They are only 5 & 6th graders! I do not remember what we did at that age. Sadly Chris could not be there he was at combine school, yep, you have to go to school to know how to run those huge things!!! (and probably fix on them too)

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well." Voltaire

I received this Thank you from the 5th grade class. I'm so thankful for teachers who take the time to reinforce how important being thankful is! Collin was the artist. Evidently that is me on my bike!! I'm looking good!