Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A sad day…

Two sad things happen today!  We had to take Collin to the MD to find out he has shingles.  He broke out in a rash middle of last week and I thought it was a little impetigo, then it spread and we though herpangina (like the mouth sores you get).  Nope. On Monday it was diagnosed shingles…poor guy.  It hurts and itches and he gets to go to school anyway.  Evidently someone with chicken pox can cause shingles, but having shingles does not make you contagious!

IMG_6673Sad thing #2: Christmas tree down.  As fun as it is to put it all up…it is not fun to take it down!  It even looks like it’s frowning!















On a happy note, what a beautiful sunset.  Erin had gymnastics tonight and worked her tail off on her front hip circle.  I shot this on the way.

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Staci said...

You can come to my house! Christmas is still alive here! I'm still unpacking from our NM trip. I'm thinking it will be this weekend at the earliest before I began to take down the Christmas stuff...but I'll probably have to wipe some tears away when I do. The boys want to leave it up forever!!! :)