Saturday, January 01, 2011

Celebrating the New Year

We spent some time on New Year’s Day with Bill and Paula and Remington.   2011-01-01_17-40-33_609 Paula had foot surgery to repair some Vulcan toes and has been off her feet or in a boot since then.  This was their first time hosting as she can put weight on her foot. 2011-01-01_18-30-00_171 In true brother Bill form, he prepared smoked pork which our kids absolutely devoured!!!  No sauerkraut though which made Chris happy, I am sure!  I’ll get some sauerkraut in..probably today!
It has been a sweet Holiday.  Since we did not travel to either PA or South Africa, there was a part of me disappointed.  After the super busy fall we had, it was priceless.  I made up for the lack of busy-ness by enjoying Christmasy things.  We baked cookies, sent cards,  went all out decorating, watched our favorite Christmas specials, enjoyed all the programs, read our favorite Christmas books and listened to Christmas music up until 1/1/11.  As I was reading Michael Card’s devotional on Christmas it warned me not to love the romance of Christmas more than the meaning of Christmas.  Well, I am a true romantic at heart and I do love the soft lights, pretty-ing things up, and the whole Christmas cheer thing!  In the dark evenings of winter, I love Christmas lights!!!  Yet, I hold firm that without CHRIST there is no Christmas.  The precious gift of God sending His son to earth as a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes to die for our sins and be raised from the dead and seated in heaven to prepare a place for us is something that should be celebrated ALL year long.    It’s the greatest love story EVER! Why not be romantic?  We who hold Him as Lord are His bride!

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Awww. Still miss Remy...