Sunday, February 27, 2011


A few months ago Hans told me that he was staying in at recess to practice for KMEA.  He practiced for an Honor’s Choir audition, but we never heard from that.   Just today I found out that Mr. Comley submitted a videotaped audition to perform at the Kansas Music Educations Assoc. contest in Wichita last spring.  He won 2 out of 4 spots.  Here are some clips of what he did with a group of 5-6th grade students who volunteered to stay in at recess to practice for 6 weeks.  Mr. Comley ROCKS!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Band Concert 2/21

Even though the kids had President’s Day off there was a 7-12 band concert and Sterling Community Concert.  Gotta love it!
  IMG_7341 IMG_7343 IMG_7346 IMG_7349
Our Sterling College Foster daughter, Kadi plays the French Horn for the Sterling Community band.  she is here in the middle, licking her lips!

jars clips_0001.wmv

Just in case you want to hear some fantastic Jars' music, I put some clips together I got at the Premix and the Concert.

A Pre Anniversary Weekend







Chris and I lIMG_4624eft last Saturday for Dodge City, KS for the Rock and Worship Roadshow  to see 2 or our favorite Christian bands play. Aw heck, we really went to see Jars of Clay but were fortunate enough to also see the Afters, Matt Maher, and Mercy Me.  We got to experience Ambian Lights and Thousand Foot Crutch, some serious metal bands that Collin would like… but  were a bit LOUD for Chris and I.  If I can close my eyes and plug my ears and still see and hear the concert…it’s too bright and too loud!

We ate at a totally legit Mexican Restaurant (Casa Alvarez) and then proceeded to wait in the Jar’s Premix concert line until 6.  Wow was it worth it.  I somehow weezeled my way up to the front of the line and we were about 4  ft away from the band in a private little concert for about 50 of us.  jars remixThey sang, “Closer”, “Headphones” and the “Valley”. Then we got to ask questions and then had a meet-the-band line and photo op!  Wow!  I could have gone home then!




Our concert seats were OK.  We were the 2nd section first row.  I took no photos of Ambian Light…they had no “jumbo tron” and the teenagers rushed the stage so I could not see a thing!!!  I was mad, Chris was mad that I was mad…it was a tough start! Then came the Afters…nice sound, neat songs.   IMG_7236

Matt Maher, a wonderful worship leader!IMG_7247

Thousand Foot Crutch:  Collin is sprouting his wings of independence and chosing some metal Christian bands like Skillet and Red and even these guys.  Their claim to fame in my book is their bass player with amazing hair!!!!!

IMG_7255 IMG_7259 I became obsessed with getting the perfect hair fling shot, thus I have way too many photos of this young man with way too many tatoos!  Scary! but I did get the shot!


During the “calmer” bands the “kids” sat down and gave us some peace.

 IMG_7272 IMG_7277 IMG_7280 IMG_7288 Our seats were perfect for getting a hand shake from Dan Haseltine as he walked by singing “Shelter”.


Even as far away as we were imagine my surprise to catch such a fun shot of Matt jumping at the end of “We Will Follow”.


Mercy Me was great too. 

IMG_7310 IMG_7309 IMG_7318 IMG_7324 I saw them with friend Cristi Gale this fall and they gave a rather watered down, feel good talk about their song “Beautiful” which they totally beefed up tonight to include the J word (Jesus)  and redemption!  As he said for his dear daughter, you are beautiful and perfect just how you are!  In Christ you are a new creation and made for so much more!  I did not catch it on a video clip but MAN, can their bass player wail!  He sang a descant that brought tears to my eyes!  After the concert we had a snack at Appelbees and stayed at the Comfort Inn.  Best bed and pillows and clean smelling hotel I’ve seen in a while!  I slept GrEaT!


We ended the trip with a cup of coffee from “Cup of Jo`nes” and a long drive back to Sterling!  Love ya Christopher!  Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music Festival 2/18/11

We have been going to the St. John Music festival since Collin was in 6th grade for piano.  Now he goes for piano, band and choir and Erin does as well.  They both had ensemble pieces they did: Collin Low brass (they got a 1), Erin was in a Flute Trio which also got a 1. Sterling does so well at these events.  They also did full band and choir and Boys / Girl’s ensembles.  It is so fun watching them grow and mature in different settings.  IMG_7188 collin piano IMG_7175 IMG_7183

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cavlary Gallop by Kabalesvsky

Collin's piano piece at the St. John Music Festival. He received an AP, the highest score. This is a personal best for him.

just dance_0001.wmv

What do you do on a snowy night with no school the next day? Play Just Dance 2 on the Wii. Hans is trying to beat my high score on Rasputian!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Team Shoot

I got to take photos for Erin’s gymnastic’s team (well the team she is on).  I am still searching for the perfect lens for indoor photos in dark gyms!
I would like this one, but I am saving my fun money. 
Canon Telephoto Lens
team pose 2 Team photo pose 1

The Building 2/11

 IMG_7129 The builders got the siding on and 2 of the doors.  It is getting very exciting as Chris continues planning for floors, lighting etc.  We also still need the rolling doors.  We got a break as the work team goes to Strong City to work on a building for a bit.

IMG_7135  It’s play time as the snow has finally gotten wet enough for some decent snow balls.

IMG_7146IMG_7142 IMG_7148 Hmmm, this must be Saturday as Erin sits outside with her goats.  Her kitten “Buddy” decided it was a warm place to set on Darla’s back.  Darla did not mind it either.


Blizzard 2011

So we know I am capable of taking sooooooo many pictures.  I put the blizzard photos in an album.  It was the perfect snowed in story.  The kids got home from school at noon and it snowed and blowed all day and evening.  It was –11F wind chill when we were outside playing and doing afternoon chores.  We made hot cocoa several times.  That evening we snuck outside and put a bowl for snow ice cream.  Erin Hans and I had a blast, but Collin and Chris thought it tasted like dirt.  Truth be told they found a piece of grass.  Did I mention the wind???  I have no idea how that got in there!  We played Just Dance 2 that evening.  The call came in early that there was no school so it was a late night of just goofing off.  The next day, bright and early Erin and I were outside tending to kitties and goats.  Hans was our #1 shovel man!  The drifts were so fun.  Our driveway was under more than a foot  of snow from drifting, although we only got 11 inches overall.   There was a 2 hour delay the next morning and then back to life per normal!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Brother Bill

Sadly for brother Bill's birthday this year I was sick, so we did not go out for dinner.  I was feeling better Sunday, so we had them over for dinner and I even made a Boston Cream Pie for dessert!  It was tasty.  We do still need to get out for that dinner!

2/6-2/8 What’s going on?

IMG_4262Erin has finally decided that shoes can be cool!   I was buying running shoes and she “fell in love” with these Nike’s.  We waited until the right time and then they were ours! Well, her’s but since she is so anti-shopping it was exciting to see!

IMG_4280Alan and Chris have been busy building and adding to our train set downstairs.  They found an online store and stocked up on some things!! woo hoo! 

Through the night the storm started!  Hans was supposed to go with the 5th grade class to Wichita to the Starbase program, but that was cancelled when snow and high winds started through the night.  The call did not come in until just after 6 a.m. making me nervous!  Then school got out at 12:30 whoo hooo!IMG_7104IMG_7108  IMG_7105

We braved the very cold for some time playing in the snow.  It was very cold and Abby and I were the first to go in.  I think it was –11 F with the windchill.  The snow was very dry so it just fluffed when Erin threw it.

erin snow IMG_4375 Abby and I were the first to go in.  She was heading toward the house and when i called to her, she turned and kind of smiled sheepishly as if to say, “I’m old and it’s very cold.”  Normally she would never leave the kids out alone in the snow!IMG_4383

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

2/5 Warmth…

In the warmth of the end of the week, we ventured outside for some fresh air.  The “Shop” is coming along… IMG_4205IMG_4211Lacy wants to go for a 4 wheeler ride, not a run.  She’d already been running with me!IMG_4241   IMG_4268

Here’s another shot of the shop from today 2/7/11  We have some siding and sheet metal!