Thursday, January 20, 2011

1/16/11 Good Times

IMG_6861  The boys were outside playing and Hans came in mad because Collin had smacked him in the face with a snow ball.  So, as I went out with my camera for someone to repay the deed.  I forget who did, but we took a photo for evidence! Our foster student Chelsy brought sister Tristan over Sunday afternoon for some foster family time. She said something about making us into a sit com. …  IMG_6864 IMG_6867 IMG_6870I am very thankful for the wood stove that keeps out house so toasty and the wood hauled every day but Chris or the boys.

IMG_6872  Chelsy and Tristan are twins, can you tell?  They played together on Erin’s Nintendo like this for quite a while. Now downstairs for some time on the Wii.IMG_6873r IMG_6880
The song of the night was Rasputian, for which Hans held the high score with Alan close behind.

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Steve and Joan said...

Snow in Kansas? Really? It's everywhere except in Texas.