Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet the fosters...our foster college students that is. We have the priviledge of being "foster" parents to 3 college students in their first year at SC. We have had many over the years, but really sometimes it goes better than others. These 3 are very fun and fit right in, although the kids just really get excited when they are here...ok hyper even! One of from CO and 2 are from KS but are still several hours from home. So meet "Z", Christina and Chelsy:

Z is making faces on his hamburger and getting very elaborate with it. Normally we don't endorse playing with food, but who can resist this!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It was a beautiful evening the night of Erin's birthday. She and Collin were playing in the trees and decided it was the perfect time for some photos. We got Hans and Alan involved and viola: a Family Tree photo!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you believe it?

A strange thing happens after you are 40, several really! My eyes went bad and I needed bifocals and my metabolism slowed down so I had to work harder not to gain weight. I seemed to have some more trouble with my lower back as well. Well my dear hubby turned 40 this summer and isn't he starting to share some of these dilemmas!!! (plus some higher cholesteral) Well I am so proud of him. Instead of ignoring it, he has started going to the gym by himself (ie. not as part of a challenge or without a buddy) to work out 3x a week, plus he has started walking and now (brace yourself) jogging with me on Sundays. We went for a walk last week and he started jogging, this Sunday he went the full time with me, although he was a little sore later. Thank you honey for taking care of the body God gave you!!! Lacy is such a help!

Friday, March 06, 2009

A first for Alan!
As the youngest Alan has been brought along to baseball, gymnastics, football, basketball with older siblings. Today there is something just for him K-2 Basketball clinic "Little Dribblers" at SGS. He has not shown any interest in any sports until recently, so here we go! I suppose he did OK. I took the camera for obvious reasons, but also to practice with the new camera. Thankfully a photographer I know from town was there and he helped me with the settings so I could get a clear photo in the gym without a flash... I am very thankful as I am supposed to take photos at the gymnastics meet tomorrow!

I was so excited! I said, "Look Chris he has good follow through, look at his hand." and Chris said, "yeah, but that's his left." Oops not sure what that means, maybe he used both!
Erin is in his grill!Our very cute Li'l Dribbler! I don't know do you think he saw me pointing the camera at him?

What is up? Thought I'd share a few more of my weekly project 365 layouts. Small glimpses into our lives... I am taking a photo a day (at least) and scrapbooking them one week at a time. This started in my Creating Keepsakes magazine, but there are a bunch of us on doing it too! You can click on the individual layouts to see them close up and then use the back key to get back here.

This winter has been very bizarre! Since January there have been more warm/ mild days than cold. Not that I love freezing or anything, but I am rather fond of winter! The fact that it has not snowed significantly at all this year really bums me out! Chris is already getting ready for the farm year... spraying weeds, putting anhydrous on. How can it be time already?????? It's been important for me to remain prayerful and faithful that God is sovreign. Sovreign over a depressed economy, no rain in months, high fertilizer prices, blah blah blah. His FAITHfulness to me in even the smallest things give me the reminder that HE is WITH me and will see it through. Whatever you are going through my friend, HE is with you too!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Third Day on the 3rd Day
We serious Third Day fans are to post about the band on the 3rd day of the month. They are about to start the tour for their new album Revelation and we are very sad they are not coming to KS on this first leg. We had such a wonderful time, we hope they'll come back to central KS so we can see them again! Only now all the kids want to go too!!!

I posted a funny video I took, last year in Salina KS, my memory card ran out right in the middle of a key phrase. Just click the video link.

Third Day on the 3rd Day

Monday, March 02, 2009

Honor's Choir
Another big music day for Collin! Friday he left with other Middle school students for Wichita at 6:30 a.m. to practice music all day and then perform at Century II that afternoon. I videoed one of his favorite songs and that is in the prior log. Here are some photos from the concert. We went with Mom and Dad Anderson, although I dropped the ball and did not photograph us at all!

Here's my photo pic of the night:

gotta love auto focus!

KMEA Treble Honors Choir 2009