Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Week 1

It has begun: a new sports season.  Sydney talked Erin into trying Volleyball this fall (something mother could not do)!  Between Collin’s football and Erin’s volleyball it’s a busy time!  I am excited to see them busy and learning new things.

The first week was against Lyons.  JrH play their games on Thursdays at the same venue (nice!).  The volleyball started at 4;30 pm with the “B” game.  At first, ok throughout the afternoon, I was surprised that Erin did not even warm up.  I was assured that she would play in the “C” game. (you know right when Collin’s game was!)  Fortunately I got to see the first half of Collin’s game before I scooted to see the “C” game.

The 8th graders take turns with the captains at the coin toss and Collin got to be there the first night.  He had some good tackles but was always on the other side of the field.  Should I go over there for good photos?


I took this photo to show how much Collin (#11) has grown,  if you look at last years photos Coach Comley has to bend down to talk to him (Collin plays option and takes the plays in).   See hereIMG_1939  IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1937

Then at half time it was back to the High School for Erin’s game.  She did well for her first volleyball game…EVER!   I was so proud of her I could burst.  Early in the summer she was convinced she could/ would not do this and here she is warming up!  I was still adjusting camera settings when I took this one.  It’s blurry, but kind of cool!IMG_1944

Ready!IMG_1963 IMG_1964  IMG_1955 

This baby went over!!!  She does not have her serve down very well, but we are working at it.  Swatting mosquitoes in the yard Saturday she stayed out there until she finished with some good serves!IMG_1959 IMG_1962

You go girl!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

She did it

Erin is officially taller than me… here’s the proof!


What’s a mom to do?

Are you ready for some football?

We are!  Volleyball too.  Both Erin and Collin are doing fall sports this year, so we are gearing up for some major “cheering” on Thursday afternoons!  Whooo hooo.

I spared my daughter taking photos at preview (again, the shame!).  My friend Linda took some, maybe she’ll share one of these days!  Here are a few from football preview.  They were easier and less conspicuous to take!


Collin caught an interception and off he goes!

A New School Year

Well, the summer is officially done and school is back in session.  Can you believe this camera crazy  mom did NOT take her camera to the grade school…the new $12 million grade school and take pictures at the open house??????  I’m so ashamed!

I do have a few tear down photos of the school worth sharing and saving in blog history.  It was kind of sad for the kids and even me to see the thing come down.  I have memories of seeing kids flood the hallways, searching for my own  kids and seeing them across the way.  Strange the things that grab your heart.    I’ll rectify the new school photos soon enough!

IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4734 IMG_4741


IMG_1903 IMG_1892 IMG_1894