Saturday, September 01, 2018

I am not sure where to start, so many emotions welling up in me. We made it to Week 13, we headed out to San Diego to MCRD and did all the things, but now inside me is a wave, a torrent that does not know what to do with herself.  As if it was not real, we were just going through the motions. Surely it is not my son that is not a United States Marine.  The few, the proud.  Excited for the goals attained, relieved my son was still in there. Terrified because this was a trip very different than Chris and I normally take.  Usually we either have our own car or family waiting for us.  Nope, we said no to a rental and yes to Uber and Shuttles.  How amazingly faithful God was at every step of the way.    I prayed early on, that I would leave worry and stress behind me.  Locked "Concerned Teri" in the closet.  It was tested, she tried to come out, but was always thwarted to the Glory Of God! Even though those steps were something I myself did not really enjoy...the unknown, the uncertain, the relax and let things happen, everything worked out and people were kind.  I mean why is renting a car $50 a day supposedly better than Ubering for $40 over 4 days? Relieve driving stress, but pick up the stress of the uncertain. It was really a great experience!  We met new people, had some laughs and learned to trust. We had a little less than 48 hours before we saw Hans, but some of our blessings included:
  • Met up with a couple at the airport arriving and we traveled with them the whole 4 days.  Good times.
  • Lots of waiting, but pleasant people to do it with.
  • Gorgeous scenery, good food, time together with Chris.
  • Timing.... God, You are just amazing! Thank You for  Your Grace and Mercy!  Wow!
We were told Security would be a challenge on Base and to anticipate 30 minute walks.  Well, our Shuttles drove us all the way in and therefore, we were always at least 30 minutes early. That is actually a good problem...  so we got there before 0700 and got a glimpse of the Company moving to Graduation practice. Thirty seconds in and we see this... Hans' platoon heading to practice.

I was all caught up in how awesome the first was only to realize they were parading where we could film them again.  Realize I had not laid eyes on him in 13 weeks.. That is why I am so excited!

Ugh, we wanted to watch the Color Ceremony at the Governor's Building, but as we walked past people were already lining up for graduation. We took a chance and as we returned to the bleachers we saw an empty spot where we needed it to be... it had bird poop on it, so no one wanted it.  Oh heck, we cleaned it right off and got great seats. Thank you Jesus! Enjoyable footage at graduation when the Band played before each platoon.

As it was time to dismiss each Platoon for Leave, this is what we heard...