Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14 Horns, combines and baseball

One, only one of our kids has horns growing, they are not named so we’ll call it goat 1.  She will be disbudded or dehorned soon.  IMG_7528IMG_7538
With harvest coming Alan got creative and made a combine out of lego'
IMG_7581IMG_7583       s.  Cool, isn’t it?IMG_7594
Harvest got underway this afternoon and Alan so badly wanted to ride with his father.  The sky grew so dark and I thought for sure his baseball game and harvest would be “cancelled” for the night.  No such luck (for rain).  We not only played, but he played awful, the delay due to the rain completely threw the boy’s concentration.  Ugh, it was ugly!IMG_7616
rainbow baseball

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