Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2 More baseball and chickens

Hans was asked to sub for another baseball team.  He gladly did and  had a great game.  The team lost, but not by much and he was asked back next week as well.

IMG_7237 IMG_7238 Back at the farm we check the chicks who are growing quite a bit!  They are feathered out so I let them out of the pen and into the coupe.IMG_8795

On our way back to the house we find Sophie our cat and where she has her 2 kittens hidden.

IMG_8807 IMG_8809Next, onto some goat therapy, we call it.  Sitting quietly with them in the evening is oddly therapeutic.

 IMG_8822 IMG_8829 IMG_8830 IMG_8837 IMG_8845 copy

Did you notice just how much Erin and I look a like in these photos?

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