Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/21 Dis-budding or de-horning

Here are our girls kid 2 and kid 1.  It’s a big day for kid 2, she will be de-horned today.  Horns get stuck in fence or cause pain when they head butt you.  Meet Cheryl Carey, the woman we got the goats from.  She has been awesome in helping us through these firsts.  She has a tool that she uses to de horn them.  IMG_7841 It’s like branding really.  She has a tool that heats the area and burns the follicles the horn comes out of.  That seals it off so they won’t continue to grown.  Li’l one cried hard the first time, but not so much for the second. IMG_7843 IMG_7845

Erin takes her back to her momma and some milk!

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