Thursday, June 02, 2011

5/14 Little Rattlers Baseball

For 2 years now Hans has wanted to play on a “traveling” baseball team.  It all started when his friends on the regular Sterling Rec team played for traveling teams and got significantly better throughout the season.  So this year we give in and ugh!  It’s a tournament team.  The first weekend they went was 4/30 and it was to Dodge City.  Well we were in Ellinwood for Track that weekend.  This weekend was McPherson and it was almost $20 for Mom A, Alan and I to get in…for little league!!!!   Man, this is for rich folk!  I learned later that that was outrageous and not the norm! 
Here’s Hans, he got walked each time, but he has a good eye!
IMG_6762  IMG_6786IMG_6772
He scores…they won 1 out of 3 this day…not a great day!

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