Sunday, June 26, 2011

6/26 Darn Hot

Ugh, what a summer.  During a year where some parts of the country are flooding we are draught ridden.  Seriously draught ridden.   Last week Chris said the dry land corn would probably be ruined  if we did not get any rain last weekend, however, it’s now been another week of 100F + heat and wind and no rain.  I forgot to water the garden Saturday, this is what I found on Sunday.

IMG_8063 IMG_8062IMG_8030 Our first round of corn did not grow, so we had to plant some more in June.  Not sure I can get it through the heat, but I really want to try!

I thought I’d contact the county to see if they would like to hire our goats to trim down the trees that grown near the phone lines.  I had them out grazing Sunday afternoon and they attacked this tree like kids attact ice cream!

IMG_8085 IMG_8035

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