Friday, June 03, 2011

5/15 Happy Birthday Kids

IMG_8458 Sunday, after a whole weekend of waiting for Sasha to “kid”, we were working in the garden and she was nesting under a tree in the side yard.  She was also busy eating and grazing with the others so we thought, “not today.”  Christopher worked up the garden with the Roto-tiller, which I thoroughly appreciated! Isn’t he cute!!?? It was rather cool, as I remember.

IMG_8460When we went in for dinner Sasha was peaking out of the pen which made us chuckle.  When I went to put the boys to bed Dolly, Darla and Emily were looking into the pen.  When I finished putting the boys to bed, they were still looking into the pen.  I sent Chris out and sure enough Sash was in labor and 2 sacks were starting to push out. Chris was very nervous, but I was as cool as a cucumber…NOT babies!!!
He made us all come inside and “leave her alone”.  Fifteen minutes later one kid was on the ground and covered in yuck and hay.  We checked it, helped her clean it’s face and then he made us come inside again!!!  Fifteen minutes later number 2 was out and number 1 was suckling.  For a young first time mamma she was great!

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