Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

OK, so trying to figure out the traveling baseball team schedule has been fun.  We were told that there would be games on Memorial Day weekend, so I left it open.  Last weekend the boys had parties and such and they entered a last minute tournament, which we missed. 
Memorial Day: no baseball!  So we just hung around getting ready for VBS and chillin’ since we had been so busy the past several weeks.
I need to address something here!  Kansas is usually a windy state, it just is!  This year is pathetic! At least 1-2 days a week we have winds strong enough to call for an advisory. (45+ mph)  These poor birds are trying to fly into it.  They are fly catchers and they come in the late spring!
  IMG_7199 IMG_7226 IMG_7223
The kids are trying to be like the big goats, unless it’s nap time!IMG_8755

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