Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/12 A little culture, a little rural

I have a mix of photos from this day, because there was a mix of things going on!!!  We are still in music week, with several music programs this week.  Tonight’s was the Jr High Band and Choir concert featuring some of their music from contest and Regional.  Our school is blessed to have Clark Comley and Larry Brownlee as instructors!!!  They got so much from the students. 
 IMG_8407 IMG_8408
Collin continues with French Horn and Erin is 3rd chair in flute (out of 8 beating out many 8th graders).  Erin also surprised us by playing in the Jazz Band.  Larry let anyone interested do 3 short practices to work up a couple of jazz pieces for the concert.  It turned out pretty IMG_8415doggone good!

Chris was busy today, he had to go to town for parts and such and afterwards he was rooting through the shed for things.  He came out with a few chicken things, but this did not surprise me because we had been talking about it.  What surprised me was the chicks were in the coupe!  Even the goats had to check things out!
IMG_6738 IMG_6755

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