Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/6 Ellinwood Track Meet

Off we go again!  Early Saturday morning, the boys and I team up with Brandy Elsner and her track kiddos for our 2nd and last meet of the season.    I knew little of track meets when we started last year and these are some things that I’ve learned.  Field  events are first and separated by boys/ girls and age.  At this particular meet, the soft ball throw was the same time as the long jump and age groups. Groups 2 & 4 were going first…Alan in group 2 and Hans group 4 and both with names ending in A.  Both going at the same time on 2 different fields. I do get my exercise at these things!

Today was a good day for Alan and not so good for Hans.  It was HOT, very HOT.  Hans got 5th in Long Jump (out of many) and 4th in the 800M.

 Hans long jumpIMG_6604  

   IMG_6608  I have run for many years and know how much it hurts when you look like this.  Did I mention it was like 90F after being 60F?  Poor guy, not a good day for longer sprints!

Alan ran the 100M and the 200M and got 1st in both!  wow, he had a great day!  His times were so much better than Inman.IMG_6551IMG_6569


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