Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Hans

It was not until the weekend after his birthday that we actually got a cake made for Hans.  It was fun.  Stacy and the boys were in town for Easter and they spent the night with us.  I’m so glad they keep in touch! Hans has been wanting this game for the Wii, so we got that.  Here’s the mandatory “with mom” pose!mom and hansPicture 043
Brody and Barrett helped me decorate the cake and eat it too!Picture 049    Picture 052 Ready for bed or just getting up?  hans used his camo duct tape to tape up Brody.  He was just kidding of course.  Actually he also duct taped his closet shut where all the AirSoft guns were…to either keep the guns or the boys safe!
Brody had fun in the fall shooting BB guns with Collin, so that was definitely on the list of things to do!
Picture 056 Picture 058
Picture 061
Our boys have grown so much it’s fun to have little ones in the house.  The funniest is Alan who has no idea how to be the big brother!!

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