Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/5 = Inman Track Meet

erin inman triple   Today I headed to Inman, alone again, for the JRH Track Meet.  Erin had the first event with Triple Jump.  She was amazing compared to the girl’s there, but she did not beat her personal best set at the IMG_6411Sterling track meet.  In my collage I missed her landing which was a very good one…way low and reaching forward!  Go Girl!

Next a break for a funny story…the students raking the Triple Jump pit were horrible at it, they left a huge heap in the middle of pit, so Mrs. Ricker got up to rake the pit for them since they were unconcerned about it.  The girls were a mix of amused and embarrassed.  She rewarded their pain with a hug, so everyone would know just whose mom raked the pit!IMG_6445


Next onto Collin’s long jump, an event his coach collin inmanadded in the middle of the season.  He does OK for a late start, but he does not really like it.  Not to mention you get shoes full of sand each time!



Next onto the running events.  Collin ran the 1600 M and was doing well until he tripped in a pit on the track and lost his rhythm.  Here’s Erin cheering him on!

 IMG_6480  I no sooner got done cheering Collin on when I heard the gun and Erin’s relay was up next.  I usually just circle around in the middle of the track snapping pictures.  I get a work out too.  IMG_6485 IMG_6497 Erin, Emma, Hannah and Sara got first in their heat and 6th overall (there were like 11 teams there and lots of heats).  Collin and his team did OK and nailed this hand off.  Mom’s camera is always watching!IMG_6509


Alex, Dillan, Collin and Tracy.  Way to go guys!

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