Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4/30-Ellinwood Track meet

Hans and Alan had their first track meet this Saturday.  Collin and Erin had one the day before, so they begged out and Chris had to work, so early Saturday morning the boys and I head out.   Neither had field events so it was not too early. .. we watched some of their friends do their long and high jumps.  Alan ran the 100m and the 200m and a 4x100 relay.  Hans ran the 800 and the 1600 and a 4x100m relay.  Hans metalled 2nd and 3rd in his races, but Alan did not.  He did however run on the winning relay in his age group.  It was a good day and we were home in time for a birthday dinner with the twins!
IMG_7933 IMG_7937 IMG_7928
IMG_7981 alan 100 ellinwood alan and caleb IMG_7949

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