Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/2 What’s going on?

I have a mix of photos for today. 


It was a day after a way too busy weekend and Alan ended up staying home from school even though he ended up not being sick.  (that happens from time to time).  He took 2 long naps and by afternoon was pretty good.  We went outside for a photo shoot and here is the story board I made from it. 

IMG_8268After everyone got home and over their indignation that he got to stay home, Alan worked in the garden with Chris for a while.  



IMG_6337My Lilac bushes are starting to bloom and the smell so good!!!

 IMG_6370 Farmers are still burning fields.  It is so alarming to come out and see such huge clouds of smoke!  This helps get rid of the weed seed and other problems.

All 8th Graders have to complete a Bear cub to Black Bear portfolio before being promoted to High School.  Collin has hated this process and so have I.  Here he is about to finish!



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