Saturday, April 02, 2011

The funny story!


I don’t like the think of myself as stupid, I really don’t.  Maybe it was the hours in the van, maybe it was the hour in the ER with Andrew who fainted and needed to be checked out before we set out again or maybe we are just hicks from KS.  Whatever the reason when we saw this place called Pot Pie we thought it was a cafe and the boys had to GO, so they bailed out and went in.  Christy and I followed them in and realized~IT WAS NOT A CAFE!!!

About 8 of our Youth Group and 3 leaders all used the bathroom at a medical marijuana facility evidently legal now in Colorado.  UGH!

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Jennifer said...

HA!! I can't stop laughing at this story. Pot Pie. That's hilarious (the name, not the facility). Oh goodness.