Monday, April 11, 2011

Visitors from the east…

What a treat, just 4 days after being home my Aunt Terry and cousin Jim from Doylestown PA trek out here to KS for a visit and bring my mom.  Just 2 days after her last radiation treatment (and 5 months from her fall in October 1 day after her visit here) the three of them make the trip to KS.  What a BLAST!  The kids really never know what to expect when company comes…will this be mostly for mom and dad or are they going to have fun to.  They definitely had fun too!

 IMG_5617Jim is a serious joke and story teller.   As you can see, he kept them engaged and in place! IMG_5623Aunt Terry brought photos to keep us up to date with family happenings.  I have not seen some of my cousins since…my wedding or when Collin was a baby…ugh!IMG_5620 IMG_5634IMG_5633       No exaggeration, we sat around the living and dining room telling jokes and stories all evening.  Even Collin and Erin got a few good ones in.  Some old favorites and we even got Jim with a few.  The Happ sisters.  Affectionately called the MisHaps when they worked the telephone company.  Get it? IMG_5638We finally had to cut it off and send everyone home and to bed.  IMG_5642

OK for my photography minded readers.  I am learning to use manual even in low light settings.  I see my photos are yellow, but they are clear (well at least who I was focusing on is clear).  Halleluiah!!!  There are a few settings that need fixed but this is what they looked like before I shut off the flash ..

IMG_5627 IMG_5630

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