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2011-03-18_07-59-27_414How can CO be so close and we never come here in the winter.  Wow, I’m hooked.  The only thing more beautiful than CO in the summer is CO in the winter, well actually early spring was nice because the weather was warm, but still cold enough to have snow in the a.m.   We stayed in Buena Vista and then drove to Leadville to Ski Cooper.  The drive was long and I am thankful for Christy and Dwayne who did all the driving!



Here are the girls after getting and packing skiis and boots.  The guy at the place we went had them all lined up and did not even “let” us pay, but rather got us out the door to “GO SKI!” I just have to tell you that I was scared to death!  I had not skied in since 3/7/93 according to the ski ticket on my ski jacket! We headed over the the bunny slope for some practice.  Erin and 2 guys took a lesson while we practiced.2011-03-19_09-35-40_322011-03-19_10-26-36_964Here are Maryn and Andrew, 2 of the group that had significant problems on Friday so Saturday we headed to the Bunny slope with them again.  (Christy and I).  I felt confident enough on Saturday to at least take my DROID up the hill with me.   Maryn wins the overcomer award.  It took her an hour to get down the beginner slope on Friday on Saturday she faced those fears and was off!! Go Maryn!2011-03-19_11-01-39_953

2011-03-19_14-29-39_276      2011-03-19_11-01-34_460 

Erin did FANTASTIC!  I met up with her at noon on Friday after her lesson and we did the first few slopes together. She was thankful for the lesson because it taught her how to get up from falls and so much more.  I did not even see her the second day, she off doing blue slopes and even a black with her friends!

Andrew, who never did get the hang of it managed to catch some photos of her!   winter 030 winter 036winter 037winter 032 winter 034 winter 035

We could not have had more beautiful weather. It was 40F.  The second day it was colder and moodier with some wind gust and clouds, but then the sun came out and it was gorgeous again!  Thanks be to God for allowing us this awesome time together with a really neat group of youth.   Man, was I tired afterwards!

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