Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s the simple things

With Jim and Terry in town we decided to do a few “tourist-y” things.  So we visited a local museum in Reno county.  There we found just some simple antiques and “treasures” saved from years past.  We had some fun and laughs after visiting Paula’s work and before heading out to lunch with Bill.  We played “name that artifact”.

 2011-03-25_11-45-06_499 2011-03-25_12-11-46_983 I should have had them pose differently.  They are in front of an old fashion switchboard where Aunt Terry worked when she was still Miss Happ.  Off to the play room where Jim was naughty and ended up in the jail…

2011-03-25_12-12-03_605 2011-03-25_12-12-28_77 Spent a little time in the general store…just plain silly!


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