Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet 13~

This year in February Erin and Collin announce a Youth Group trip to Colorado over spring break…#1 Erin and Collin have never been skiing #2 They plan to leave on Erin’s 13th Birthday #3 I have not been skiing since PA.  With all this in mind we decide that I would accompany the kids to CO and they would earn some money to help fund the trip.  Collin bowed out, deciding he had other things he wanted to  buy… so here off Erin and I go to the great state of CO for some skiing.  Leaving behind the boys and a very busy Chris because of course the weather was such that he was finally able to get in the field Thursday- Saturday, the same days Erin and I were gone.

The Youth gather at the Wilsons Thursday morning and leave at 9.  Erin rides with the girls in the Wilsons vehicle leaving me with the boys in the Schweizer’s vehicle.  Regardless, we manage to have fun.


and they say Kansas is flat!  We stopped at a park in Sugar City for a quick run and bathroom break.  Funny story to follow!2011-03-17_14-13-55_7402011-03-17_14-13-59_869

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Staci said...

So what's the funny story?!?