Monday, April 11, 2011

I was there too!

A quick CO ski post before moving on.  Some friends from church have shared their photos with me and we have evidence that I was on the ski trip too! 

On the way out to CO we saw an honest to goodness phone booth complete with working telephone.  PHOTO OP!

Now it must be said that my daughter sad a big fat NO to me until several other high school girls had their photo taken and another mom encouraged us to get ours done since it was Erin’s birthday after all… moms! Notice how tall she is getting?  She has me by at least 2 inches.

 telephone booth

Here we are after lunch the first day of our ski trip.  We met up with some other people from our group and one had a camera.  Shame we are here in the trees because the view on the other side of the slope was breath taking…  but here we are.  Evidence that I was on skis.

ski 2

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