Sunday, April 17, 2011

The season’s first track meet

I have been looking forward to track season since last year.  Our kids loved it!!  Well, all but Erin who has never really done track.  When the community track coach announced she was moving I thought Hans and Alan might be out of luck, but we were fortunate in that Erin’s assistant gymnastics coach is also a track coach and willing to do the “Striders” league for the Rec.  Collin did not want to do track because all his friends did tennis.  UGH.  He loved track last year, so we pushed him.   

The first meet was in Lindsborg KS and the boys and I were able to go.  Erin did the long jump, the triple jump and the 1600  and a relay.  Collin did 2 relays and the 1600. 

The triple jump is a fun challenge and Erin is starting to get the hang of it!  It’s fun to photograph too!Erin triple

Look at that determination and the tongue!!collin 1600 Collin was behind the Lyons guy at first.  On the last turn he heard the Lyons coach yell, “You are not getting 5th.”  So the kid started to sprint too soon, so when Collin turned it on he smoked him!  Whooo!  go Collin, go COlliN!  4th is sweet!

This race was so hard for Collin last year, he came in almost last each time.  He has come in 4th so far twice.  Do you see him passing and then SMOKING these guys.  Please realize that the first place winner actually lapped everyone, so he is kind of uncatchable at a minute above everyone.  So Colin’s major focus is improving time and maybe the 3200!  VERY proud of him.  IMG_5873Erin struggled with the 1600, which she ran for the first time the day of the race.  However in the relay she did just fine.   GO ERIN! IMG_5879I did not get to go to the Hesston meet where Erin did 3rd in the 800m, so that might be her race!  

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