Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the third day.... I just have to break from my usual family blogging to say "Thanks" to Third Day for another fabulous release. Revelation was released July 29th and since we pre ordered it we have been enjoying LOVING IT all summer! In all seriousness, it has been a stressful summer. Farming, while it has been rewarding has been hard for Chris, with the higher prices for fuel, chemical etc, it has increased the stress. The first time he listened to this CD on Erin's mp3 player he was just riveted! Revelation, Take It All, Give Love, Born Again, Caught Up in Yourself"... each song has just ministered to our hearts during a season that lead us to "Run To You", Lord! Now I realize children tend to like what their parents like (until teen years anyway) well our kids just love this CD!!!! The other day they sang "I Will Always Be True" a capella and the lyrics were right on! Amazed me!

Mark Lee on the Third Day blog has asked us to blog about Third Day on the 3rd day of the month, well we were camping in CO on the 3rd, so I'm sneaking this in... along with a note from Hans that he wrote without any prompting from me... Thanks guys!!!

You have to listen with head phones, the guitar just explodes!!! Chris and I enjoyed hearing a few of these songs at the KS concert in March

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