Friday, August 08, 2008

Catch up post:

I have some serious catch up to do! How can it be August 8th when my mind is really back in June or July somewhere? This summer in particular has been so hard to keep track of, not sure why?!? The beginning of July was so busy and then the second half was figuring out vacation and realizing that when we get back from vacation it will be time for school! How does this happen??????
I start with some 4th of July photos, we enjoyed all the fun small town KS has!
We had the trampoline fixed which is always a good investment! See our sweet corn in the background? Don't look at the weeds! Just a few pics of how we spend our eveings when we are home: walking, biking, jumping, splashing.....

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Staci said...

Mmmmmm. Sweet corn!