Friday, August 15, 2008

Fishing and Hiking and Chip and Munk!

The locals gave us the insider's guide to where to fish to catch fish!!! So we headed to Mt Elbert and fished the forebay first and then hiked the trailhead on Mt Elbert. We were very thankful for 2 furry chipmunks (affectionately named Chip and Munk) who came to play with Erin, making her fishing trip much more enjoyable!

The water was like glass so the reflectioons in the water were stunning!

We found a little area where they had been clearing firewood, so we made a small campfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for lunch. Then we headed up the trailhead to Mt. Elbert. I just loved this area of Aspens, it's one of the few pics of me!! We heard water and found some run off water heading down the mountain, it was loud. So we had to stop for the family pic!

We did not make it up Mt Elbert, but we did go for a van ride up to Indepence pass for another photo op. Pluse we picked up ideas for future trips. OK enough CO pics, thanks for looking!


Staci said...

We were at that very spot last summer!!!!

Steve and Joan said...

I love these photos! Great family photo in Colorado.

Makes me want to go on a vacation to Colorado.