Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vacation Day #1
On our way! After Collin returned from receiving his football equipment we loaded ourselves into the already packed car and headed out! I love how Collin and Erin made their own divider. One of these days we'll get a newer van, but until then they have to settle for the laptop for dvd's and blankets for dividers! They travel well!

A newer KS windfarm on our way, I do not think they detract from the scenery any, but now there's talk that they may "steel" the wind. Some days, that would be OK with me!!!!! First stop is to visit Chris' family in Denver. With Grandma turning 98 last week, we dare not head to the hills without saying hello! Alan tries to entice her with McDonald toys, but she is not necessarily impressed... patient, but not impressed.

Time for a tender moment: Years ago when the kids were babies they hated having their picture taken with Great Grandma who they only saw 1x a year. This year I noticed more than before a desire to spend some time with her, I saw a tenderness in their hearts towards her and that touched me so. She was sad that we did not stay longer and I must say I cried a good amount, torn between our schedule and a dear woman of God. I'm so glad they have grown fond of her and I hope their hugs, brief that they were, touched her heart! They certainly dug trenches in mine!! And Grandma, we have already started reading the book you's so precious!
Wayne and Sue are such gracious hosts and take on our family of 6 like pros! Thank you for all you do!

We did not spend enough time in Denver to visit all our family there! Bob and Mar, Jen and Simon, we are truly sorry we did not see you and hope to see you soon!

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Steve and Joan said...

Neat description of your visit. I understand how the leaving is so tough and I know she is proud of her family. She should be!