Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day #3 More Fishing at Turquoise

We made the difficult decision to break camp and get a hotel room for the next 2 nights. The forecast for rain was just not good! We headed back to Turquoise Lake and the guys had a good fishing day! Each of the boys caught some nice and tastey trout! Erin did not want to fish although she did watch Chris' pole while he was going from one boy to the next helping them get fish off their line. I like to catch photos rather than fish and I was perfectly happy to watch and snap shots of the boys fishing! The girls also stole a few winks in on the big rocks, since we did not sleep well in the cold! Erin was just miserable! She'd caught a cold or allergy in Denver and it was much worse at night. Overall it was a good day. The way we like it on vacation: relaxing!

Here we are roughin' it back in the hotel room with the hot tub and some John Wayne!

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Staci said...

Wow! That's a huge hotel bathtub!!