Monday, August 18, 2008

A football player in the house....
We are now entering the realm of contact sports...eek! Collin has been begging to play football since 3rd grade, but we said NO! Well, when he started campaigning last year we decided maybe it was time. We like the coach, we have time, the younger kids are old enough.... so here he is in his practice jersey and shoulder pads. He had Hans help him "run his routes" this weekend and Chris threw some passes so he could practice catching with his hands (as opposed to his body).

I was pleased with Colling between regular practice and a camp the Rec put on he practiced every day and some times 2x a day last week and he did not complain once! Now it was only 80 degrees, so they were not dying in the heat which I am sure helped.

They start full pads this week... gulp!

Lacey was keeping the pressure on! It was rather amusing!

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Steve and Joan said...

Watching the kids play football at Mike and Staci's going away party, I could tell there was some really good potential there.

Now you get to enjoy all those games. Where else can you have so much fun and actually know all the players? Enjoy!